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Treatment of Vein Disease used to be complicated and surgery used to be the only solution. The innovation of cutting-edge minimally invasive techniques dramatically transformed the landscape of vein treatments. It has never been more swift, safe and simple to treat Vein Disease that now. Utilizing office-based procedures with ultrasound guidance have been proven to achieve the best results for patients.

What is VenaSeal treatment?

VenaSeal, also referred to as vein glue, is a safe, distinctive, and minimally intrusive medical adhesive that is used to treat varicose veins quickly and effectively. Approved by the FDA in 2015 after it has been investigated thoroughly in Europe and the United States.

With VenaSeal, there is no need for a local anesthetic injection around the vein, unlike with radiofrequency ablation or endodontic laser ablation, which both require many injections. The Gеrmаn VeClose Study showed a 98.9 реrсеnt сlоѕurе rаtе at six mоnthѕ.

How is VenaSeal Performed:

Under ultrasound guidance, doctors introduce a device into the vein. The devices releases “cyanoacrylate glue”. The glue works as an adhesive to close the unhealthy vein. It has long been used in other vascular medical procedures with a proven safety record.

VenaSeal is performed using one single injection and it doesn’t utilize thermal or laser energy, so it’s virtually painless and it avoids the risk of nerve injuries. The vein will permanently harden after a few hours and progressively be absorbed by the body as time passes.

After the damaged vein has been closed, blood will naturally begin to reroute through the healthy competent veins in the leg creating a healthy circulation. The procedure is minimally invasive and can be done in office.

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What are the advantages of VenaSeal over Laser or Radiofrequency Ablation?

One advantage of VenaSeal over Radiofrequency ablation is the ability to close the vein without the use of heat delivery. As a result, using anesthetic solution is not required.

What are the pros and cons of VenaSeal?

The procedure is minimally invasive, takes only 30 minutes, doesn’t require general anesthesia, and can be done in office for most patients. No downtime and can resume daily activities immediately.

On the other hand, hypersensitivity and allergic reactions are more common with VenaSeal due to injecting the “glue”. There is also a higher rate of vein inflammation (phlebitis) following the procedure. It’s also not covered by most insurances.

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Personalized Treatment Plan

Our team of doctors are experts in getting the best results for your legs. We can evaluate your concerns and make a custom plan to treat your varicose and spider veins today.
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How do I make an appointment ?

You can make an appointment either by calling us at (973) 363-2029, or our patient portal on our website or send us an email on our contact page.

We work with all insurance companies (including Medicare), depending on the type of your plan. Contact us for quick free verification at (973) 363-2029 or submit contact info online. We let you know up front of your out of pocket cost before we start any treatment plan. Oftentimes, your treatment is completely free as your insurance will cover the total cost. If you have a high deductible, we also work with you if you have financial difficulty.

We are obsessed about patient experience and strive to provide the best care you can get. We will confirm your insurance coverage prior to your visit. Our staff will communicate with you to confirm your appointment. On the day of the visit, your doctor will gather your medical history and evaluate you. Together he/she will divide a treatment plan for you. You may need an ultrasound on your visit to confirm the correct diagnosis. Then we will contact your insurance company to verify your out pocket cost and obtain prior authorization. Once we have the green light from your insurance and you are fully aware of the costs, we can start the treatment procedures.

All of our treatments are non invasive procedures that can be done in office under guidance of X ray or Ultrasound. You can resume your daily activities on the same day.

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